Welcome to Miniature Aircraft Association

Welcome to the Miniature Aircraft Association website. The Miniature Aircraft Association has long used the slogan "The Friendly Club" and strives to live up to it. We offer flight training for new pilots getting started or older pilots returning to the hobby. To access more information about the free instruction, or get into touch with our certified instructors click on the Flight School above. Those who are already accomplished pilots and would like to be a member of our group you might like to check out the Membership Application page. If you are a pilot looking wanting the current wind conditions near Higgins Field, our weather page is reported from a station within a mile of the flying field. The weather forecast is for the exact GPS coordinates of Higgins Field.

We also have many more informative pages you find using the tabs above. The Event Calendar lists events from our club and nearby sister clubs. You will also find a Who's flying calendar where you can see who is planning to be at the field and post when you plan to be there. We also have the requisite information cascade on our Facebook page