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Club Newsletters

 TitleCreated onUpdated OnAuthor
October 201710/30/201702/17/2018Hymas, Clark
August 201708/27/201702/17/2018Hymas, Clark
May 201705/01/201702/17/2018Hymas, Clark
December 201612/01/201602/17/2018Hymas, Clark
October 201610/01/201602/17/2018Hymas, Clark
September 201609/01/201602/17/2018Hymas, Clark
August 201608/01/201602/17/2018Hymas, Clark
June 201606/01/201602/17/2018Hymas, Clark
May 201605/04/201602/17/2018Hymas, Clark
April 201604/07/201602/17/2018Hymas, Clark
March 201603/14/201602/17/2018Hymas, Clark
February 201602/01/201602/17/2018Hymas, Clark
January 201601/04/201602/17/2018Hymas, Clark
November 201511/30/201502/17/2018Hymas, Clark
October 201510/07/201502/17/2018Hymas, Clark
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Important Information

Higgins Field Address:

105355 North SR225

West Richland, WA 99353

****Careful when putting this in your GPS - Google and Garmin haven't quite got it figured out yet.****